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Complete information about the shakuhachi.
Shakuhachi: The Sound of Nature
Origins & History of the Shakuhachi
Bamboo Used for Shakuhachi
Precision Cast Bore Technology

Models of Shakuhachi
Professional Root-End Shakuhachi
Advanced Student Model Shakuhachi

Jinashikan - Natural Bore Flutes
Student Model Shakuhachi
Meditation Shakuhachi
Restored Vintage Shakuhachi

Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

Traditional Styles
How Shakuhachi are Graded
Options for Binding
Flute Accessories
 Shakuhachi Repair & Restoration
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Price List of Shakuhachi Flutes

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Shakuhachi in Stock & Currently For Sale
A Listing of New Tai Hei Shakuhachi
& Photo Gallery of flutes Made over the years

Shakuhachi Repair & Restoration
A complete service for the repair and restoration of traditional instruments as well as bore enhancement for shakuhachi with acoustical problems.

The Sound of Bamboo:
Blowing Zen & The Spirit of Shakuhachi

An interactive Sourcebook that connects directly to the Internet via innovative new Clickable Paper technology. Turns a print edition into the equivalent of a web browser with video and sound.

What's New at Tai Hei Shakuhachi 
The latest news from the world of shakuhachi. New items, updates & information.

Flute Playing Guides
Instructional books, tapes, CDs & videos to help you learn how the play the shakuhachi and read the traditional notation. All of the books in English related to shakuhachi and some in Japanese. Also, playing guides for North Indian bansuri, Chinese dizi, Native North American & bamboo side-blown flute. 

Flute Craft Manuals 
A comprehensive list of books on how to make your own bamboo flute. Craft manuals for shakuhachi, Native American and side-blown bamboo flute. Extensive information on wind instrument design & acoustics. Books on bamboo. 

Sheet Music 
Shakuhachi sheet music in traditional and western notation. Also music for Native American flute. 

Recorded Music Catalog 
Over 150 titles of traditional & modern shakuhachi music as well as bamboo and ethnic flute music around the world. 

Three volume Shakuhachi Video Playing Guide in English. Flutecraft videos.

Ordering Info & Price Lists 
Everything you need to order instruments and other items. Download an order form here. 

Free Evaluation
If you are considering purchasing a new or second-hand instrument from an auction site or private seller, Tai Hei Shakuhachi offers a free evolution of the instrument including a complete analysis of its acoustic and aesthetic qualities.

Audio Links
Hear traditional honkyoku & modern compositions. Download free software that let's you hear complete compositions of traditional and modern shakuhachi music.

Shakuhachi Tools
Download shakuhachi notation software along with a tuner and sound color analyzer . . . all for free! Comprehensive fingering chart with information on pitch, Japanese notation and western five-line staff equivalents. How best to amplify your sound and more.

Articles on Shakuhachi  
Reprints of magazine articles, web sites  & publications. 

Bamboo & Ethnic Flutes Around the World  
North Indian Bansuri, Chinese D'Tzu, South American Kena and Zampona (Panpipes), Native North American and Bamboo Flutes. Books, playing guides & sheet music for many of these instruments.

The World of Bamboo 
Links and information on bamboo . . . the plant and resource. 

Photo Journal 
Tai Hei Shakuhachi 's story in pictures.Making flutes, my workshop in Japan, harvesting bamboo. 

Sites on the WWW related to shakuhachi, flute making & bamboo.