Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flute Catalog & Sourcebook

An Introduction to Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes

Shakuhachi: The Sound of Nature
The natural voice of the shakuhachi emanates from its unique design and bamboo aesthetic.

Origins & History of the Shakuhachi
A short historical review.

Bamboo & Other Materials Used for Shakuhachi
Species of bamboo used to make Tai Hei Shakuhachi -- Madaké & Torachiku (Tiger Bamboo).
Hypo-Allergenic Lacquers.

Precision Cast Bore Technology
The innovative technology developed by Monty H. Levenson now being used worldwide.

What People Say About Tai Hei Shakuhachi
Comments about Tai Hei Shakuhachi from professional players, makers, teachers and customers.

Models & Styles of Shakuhachi

Professional Root-End Shakuhachi
Used by professional musicians, traditional teachers & recording artists in Japan and around the world.

Advanced Student Shakuhachi
A grade between the professional and student models.

Jinashi Shakuhachi
Long, natural bore instruments.

Student Shakuhachi
Used by traditional teachers for their students.

Meditation Shakuhachi
An affordable beginner shakuhachi.

Other Models
Available sizes and types of unique shakuhachi including 7-hole, Large hole & Chokan (bass).

Restored Vintage Shakuhachi
Vintage instruments whose acoustical and performance qualities have been enhanced and brought up to a high standard.

Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute
A hybrid woodwind that combines shakuhachi and the Western classical flute.

Flute Accessories
Shakuhachi mouthpiece cap, flute bags. carrying cases, cleaning cloth, oil & humidifier.

Price List of Shakuhachi Flutes
Flutes, accessories and other items.

Shakuhachi in Stock & Photo Gallery
A listing of Tai Hei Shakuhachi on-hand and available for immediate delivery.

Jinashikan in Stock & Photo Gallery
A listing of jinashi flutes on-hand and available for immediate delivery.

Things to Consider When Ordering

Traditional Styles
Shakuhachi used by the Kinko & Tozan sects in Japan.

Options for Binding
Binding helps to keep the bamboo from cracking.

How Shakuhachi are Graded
A description of the various levels of shakuhachi and how they differ.

Lifetime guarantee against cracking.

Frequently Asked Questions
Information to help you decide which model to order. Recommended paying guides and notes on shakuhachi making.

How to Order
Complete instructions on how to order form anywhere in the world. Price Lists. Download an Order Form. E-mail your questions.


Shakuhachi Repair & Restoration
A complete service for the repair and restoration of traditional instruments as well as bore enhancement for shakuhachi with acoustical problems.

Free Evaluation
If you are considering purchasing a new or second-hand instrument from an auction site or private seller, Tai Hei Shakuhachi offers a free evolution of the instrument including a complete analysis of its acoustic and aesthetic qualities.


Shakuhachi Print Catalog & Sourcebook

After more than 50 years in print, the Shakuhachi Catalog & Sourcebook has been replaced by The Sound of Bamboo, an interactive book connects to the Internet directly from the printed page via the innovative new Clickable Paper technology. Turns a print edition into the equivalent of a browser with websites, video, and sound.

Encyclopedic in scope, The Sound of Bamboo includes over 100 photos, illustrations, and artwork as well as 400 hyperlinks connecting the reader from the pages of the book to the world of shakuhachi via the Internet. It is updated regularly online, so will never become obsolete.

The Sound of Bamboo is endorsed by
many prominent shakuhachi players and teachers around the world

Details and ordering information at
The Sound of Bamboo

Other Catalogs

Flute Playing Guides
Instructional books, tapes, CDs & videos to help you learn how the play the shakuhachi and read the traditional notation. All of the books in English related to shakuhachi and some in Japanese. Also, playing guides for North Indian bansuri, Chinese dizi, Native North American & bamboo side-blown flute. 

Flute Craft Manuals
A comprehensive list of books on how to make your own bamboo flute. Craft manuals for shakuhachi, Native American and side-blown bamboo flute. Extensive information on wind instrument design & acoustics. Books on bamboo. 

Sheet Music 
Shakuhachi sheet music in traditional and Western notation. Also music for Native American flute. 

Recorded Music Catalog
Over 150 titles of traditional & modern shakuhachi music as well as bamboo and ethnic flute music around the world. 

Three volume Shakuhachi Video Playing Guide in English. Flutecraft videos.

Bamboo & Ethnic Flutes Around the World  
North Indian Bansuri, Chinese D'Tzu, South American Kena Flutes.

 Tai Hei Shakuhachi's workshop is totally Off-the-Grid
and powered by electricity that is sustainable, clean and environmentally-friendly. All shakuhachi are made with energy produced on an independent home power system utilizing solar and hydro-electricity. This website is being brought to you by the sun and the rain.

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