Photo Journals


Tai Hei Shakuhachi featured at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), Phoenix, AZ


Working with Bamboo

Harvesting Bamboo in Japan - 1994 & 1995

Harvesting Bamboo in Japan - 1997

Shakuhachi Craft Techniques

Working with Bamboo

Making the Blowing Edge & Inserting the Utaguchi

Steps in Rebuilding the Nakasuké or Middle Joint of a Shakuhachi


My Workshop in Japan

Building My New Office with Bamboo Flooring


World Shakuhachi Festival 1998 Photo Album

SHAKULUTE - Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

Shakulute Photo Journal

Shakulute Photo Gallery

Vintage Restorations

Photo Gallery of Restored Vintage Shakuhachi

About the Maker


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