Meditation Shakuhachi

with Standard Binding
(1.8', 2.1', 2.4', 2.8' )


1.8' Modern

Meditation Shakuhachi

Made from Torachiku (Tiger Bamboo)
Harvested in Shikoku, Japan

Tai Hei Shakuhachi is the Originator
of the
Meditation Shakuhachi

Meditatiion shakuhachi are tuned to the traditional Japanese pentatonic scale and inlaid at the blowing edge with a border of sterling silver in the Kinko- or Tozan-style.

Natural Bamboo or Lacquered interior bore are available.

Standard Binding to protect the flute is optional,
and qualifies the instrument for Tai Hei Shakuhachi's Liftetime Guarantee.

Meditation Shakuhachi in come in the following keys and sizes.

Cat. # Model Japanese
Key Length-cm.  Length-in.
TH-ME SOPRANO 1.6' E 47.3 cm. 18 5/8"
TH-MD TRADITIONAL 5-HOLE 1.8' D 57.5 cm. 22 5/8"
TH-M7 MODERN 7-HOLE 1.8' D 57.5 cm. 22 5/8"
TH-MC CONCERT 2.0' C 62.0 cm. 24 3/8 "
TH-MB ALTO 2.1' B 65.5 cm. 25 3/4"
TH-MA BASS 2.4' A 73.5 cm. 28 15/16"
TH-MG CONTRA BASS 2.8' G 82.0 cm. 32 1/4"

Less refined than Tai Hei Student, Advanced Student and Professional Precision Cast Bore shakuhachi, these low-cost flutes are designed with the beginner in mind. They are intended for those on a budget just starting out on the shakuhachi. While not recommended for formal study of shakuhachi honkyoku with a teacher, they are suitable for solo meditation blowing.

Any Meditation Shakuhachi can be upgraded at full value for
a Student, Advanced Student or Professional model within 10 days of purchase.
See terms and conditions for upgrade.

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See and Hear an
On-Line Video of the Bass Meditation Shakuhachi
played by NicoSensei at the Coll├ęgiale St. Aubin in Chartres, France

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