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"Monty, I received the shakulute headjoint for my flute about a month ago, and I have been working with it daily. I am currently in the orchestra preparing to put on "Miss Saigon" at our local civic theater. The flute part calls for three different shakuhachi flutes in three different keys. The score also provides the concert key part of each entrance for this flute. Your shakulute has been the answer to this particular production.

"The fingerings are exactly the same, but the flutist needs to work on generating the tone, and it needs to soar above the rest of the orchestra. We have 5 different strings, 2 brass, 5 different percussion parts, and 2 other woodwinds, so the lower octave on the concert flute tends to get covered up. The conductor placed the woodwinds behind the string sectionand two of the keyboards, so I am buried. I have raised the majority of the part up one octave, and by using the shakulute can really be heard. I have to tell you that the shakulute is the key to making the parts I am performing really sing out!

"As the show progresses, the shakulute is sounding better and better. I have noticed that the notes possible on this instrument are very flexible, similar to the traditional sound of the shakuhachi. I really love the flexibility and the variations possible in the tone of each note. My conductor was really surprised. The shakulute is just as flexible as a shakuhachi, but with more notes at our command.

"PS. Monty, I had a great experience Saturday evening playing a benefit fund raiser here in our town, and I had to tell you how well the shakulute sounded. A pianist and I played several pieces from "Miss Saigon" and I used my shakulute. It was Killer!! People in the audience wanted to know what instrument I was playing, why I had it, where it was being used in the performance of the musical, and on and on. They were totally impressed with the sound the shakulute could produce."

Dennis Riendeau
Lewiston, Idaho


"The Shakulute headjoint arrived today. It is beautiful. I played it right away and produced lovely sounds. I am sure I can produce more breath mixed with the notes as in a regular shakuhachi. I'm particularly impressed with the powerful sounding lower notes on the Shakulute—the D and C to be precise. I could never get such a rich tone with my transverse headjoint.

"On the other end of the scale, in the high range from third octave E upwards, the tonal quality is now not so harsh and loud. The control I now have of the high notes is what I have always strived for.

"I know this is starting to sound redundant, but thanks ever so much for transforming my musical experience and presentation

Chris Bernetchez
Flute Player


I've been playing Japanese Shakuhachi and different kinds of Asian Bamboo Flutes (Dizi, Xiao, Bawu, Bansuri) since 1987. In my CD-projects I like to play them in a traditional way along with Koto, Guzheng, Temple Bells and Gongs as well as in new ways together with classical instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Harp, Cello and Oboe.

In order to get more harmonical possibilities I purchased a silver traverse flute some time ago. Although I like it's bright, shiny sound, I missed the expressiveness and charisma of the Shakuhachi, so I never used it for a recording up to now.

When I discovered the Shakulute at Monty's website, I knew for sure: "That's it!" The Shakulute provides me with all possibilities in sound and harmonics I ever dreamt of and I'm sure that it will add new inspiration and creativity to my musical work, especially when combining it with classical western instruments. It's the best of both worlds!I think the Shakulute might be that "Magical Flute" that W.A. Mozart had been dreaming of!

- Richard Hiebinger
Sayama-Music, Rimsting, Bavaria, Germany

"Monty, I LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!!!!!! I feel as if this is the instrument I've been waiting years to find.

" I have been a singer all of my life and a (Western) flute player for about 6 years. I came to the flute through Irish music: first on the whistle, then the Irish simple system flute, and eventually the Boehm flute. I love how easy it is to play chromatically on the Boehm flute. I strayed from Irish music and started experimenting with the minor pentatonic scale. I found the small range of the Native American flute limiting. Last year I heard the sound of the shakuhachi and was hooked. I bought a 1.8 and a 2.4 from you and took to them very quickly, loving the richness and sheer vibration of playing them.

"Embarrassingly, I didn't learn the chromatic scale. Rather, I played only the easy notes (the minor pentatonic scale). The shakulute headjoint makes up for my lack of knowledge. I think it is an EXCELLENT instrument for players of Western flute who want the rich, full, variable, intense sound and feel of the shakuhachi.

"I have mine on a silver John Lunn Art Nouveau flute. The keys are leaves and cherry blossoms. The combination of this beautiful concert body and this deep orange Chinese Madake shakulute head is stunning, both visually and, more importantly, musically. I find the dynamic range virtually limitless.

"Thank you so much."

Jessie Driscoll
, N.Y.

Jessie Driscoll has performed and recorded as a singer and whistle/flute player in various genres, including her husband Dan's compositions. (Jessie and Dan are raising their children to be musical too.) She is a devoted amateur, though she has done some professional work too. She is a jeweler by trade and loves to follow artistic ideas to fruition.

What People Say About the Shakulute
Page 4

Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

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