Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

What People Say About The Shakulute


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"Dear Monty,

"I've played the wooden transverseflute for over 30 years and also a multiflutist peforming on the shakuhachi. I study shakuhachi honkhyoku with Teruo Furuya-sensei at the Shakuhachi Kenshu Kan in Tokyo.

"I'm Japanese, but for half of my life have been living in France. That's why I love Western classical music as well as Japanese traditional music.

"When I read about the Shakulute on your web site, I was excited by the possibility of blending my favorite sound of bamboo with that of the wooden flute I love so much. Since receiving the Shakulute headjoint you made to fit my wooden flute body, I have played it non-stop preparing form my first Shakulute recital in Tokyo that was held in November. The concert was very sucessful. People in the audience liked my performance very much and were quite interested in this new instrument.

"I have been composing a lot, and now have lots of imagination thanks to my new Shakulute. I am looking forward to developing a new voice on my instrument, a process that will certainly be a lifetie endeavor."

Katsura Takabatake
Artist Name: CreaSion
Tokyo, japan

"I have been a flutist for over 40 years and a shakuhachi player for a fraction of that time. When I read about the Shakulute on Monty's site, I looked forward to blending the unique sound of bamboo with the familiar ground of the flute and I have played it almost exclusively since getting it. I love the process of developing this new voice on my instrument. Thank you Monty!"

- Marc Berner
Miami, Florida
[email protected]

Marc plays flutes and saxophones professionally and has recorded and worked with original Mandrill guitarist Omar Mesa, Noel Paul Stookey and jazz legend Ira Sullivan. Wind and Strings for Yoga, co-produced with guitarist Jon Dichter, features an improvisation on one of Monty's root-end madaké 1.8' shakuhachi flutes.

Marc presented the Shakulute at the Harman: How to Listen Music Program in the Miami-Dade elementary schools. Created in 1996 by Dr.Sidney Harman, Chairman/CEO of Harman International Industries (makers of Harman Kardon, JBL and Infinity audio products) and Wynton Marsalis,the group featured jazz greats Ira Sullivan and Duffy Jackson.


Photo by Brett Hufziger

"I Love the Shakulute. I can produce sounds that I couldn`t produce before with my flute. I use the Shakulute to play jazz. And the audience and the musicians are suprised and pleased by the sound of it. I got some good gigs thanks to Shakulute."

Merenglen Skendo (Geni)
Cambridge, MA

Marenglen Skendo (Geni) recently arrived in the U.S.A. from his native country Albania to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Having played with the Albanian National Symphony and receiving several awards while a student at the Albanian Academy of the Arts. Geni studies of shakuhachi with Phil Nyokai James.

"Hi Monty,

"This is a beautifully crafted headjoint. I'm using it on two different flutes, my Yamaha wooden and my silver plated Altus. It has different characteristics on both. My first recording experience with it (on the Yamaha) was on a new TV series, "Planet Earth" for composer George Fenton. Incredibly effective! Looking forward to future opportunities to experiment and develop my skill on it."

Andy Findon
London, England UK

Andy Findon is one of London's most versatile woodwind players. He has appeared on hundreds of film & TV soundtracks and recorded with artists from every musical sphere. He has been in the Michael Nyman Band since 1980 and is principal flute of the National Symphony Orchestra.

What People Say About the Shakulute
Page 3

Shakuhachi Headjoint for the Silver Flute

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