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March 25, 2024

Thanks for your interest in my work with shakuhachi. All but a few of the shakuhachi flutes listed on this page been Sold or are currently On Hold. They do go quickly once posted. I am working hard to keep up with the demand and add new flutes to the list whenever possible. However, new sales these days are largely custom orders, so am working off a waiting list for most models.

The good news is that I have a number of instruments in progress—many of which are near completion—so can be delivered in a timely manner. That being the case, if you are able to accommodate my schedule in the shakuhachi workshop and willing to wait a bit, reach out to me via email or phone to discuss a possible order. I will do my best to come with a shakuhachi that meets your acoustical and aesthetic preferences as well as your budget. Flexible payment options available.

[email protected]
  •   (707) 459-3402

Special Sale Shakuhachi
Currently Available
Cat. # Size Key Description Catalog Price Discount Sale Price Current Status Photo
AP-24-109 2.4' A

Kinko-ryu. Made from 50+ year old madaké bamboo harvested in Osaka, Japan. Kezuriné (shaved root) style. Water buffalo horn utaguchi inlay bordered with 14K gold. Inliad rattan binding. Hairline cracks in bamboo repaired, stabilized, and cosmetically enhanced. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.

$3500 -$1000 Off $2500 SOLD Show Me Photo
AP-18-844 1.8' D

Kinko-ryu. Made from madaké bamboo harvested in Osaka, Japan. Stabilized bamboo utaguchi inlay bordered with sterling silver. Inlaid binding. Hairline crack sealed, stabilized, and cosmetically repaired. View the repair on the bottom row right photo. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.

$1500 -$750 Off $750 SOLD Show Me Photo
AV-18-12 1.8' D

Kinko-ryu. 1.8' jiari shakuhachi inscribed with the hanko of Shugetsu.

This shakuhachi was the main instrument—revered and played for a lifetime—by one of Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin's earliest students. Three hairline cracks in the upper section of the bamboo have been repaired and stabilized. The lower section of the flute is in pristine condition with no cracks at all, but the entire shakuhachi has been preemptively bound with inlaid rattan binding to mitigate any future damage. For this reason, it qualifies for Tai Hei Shakuhachi's lifetime guarantee assuring it will always remain in a playable condition

The interior precision bore and nakasugi middle joint have been fully restored to its original condition. The acoustical and performance qualities of this shakuhachi have been upgraded as part of the restoration, including enhancement and fine tuning of its intonation and resonance response.

$3000 -$500 Off $2500 SOLD Show Me Photo
AP-18-831 1.8' D

Kinko-ryu. Made from 50+ year old madaké bamboo harvested in Osaka, Japan. Utaguchi bordered with sterling silver utaguchi. Inlaid binding. 1 cm. hairline crack at upper node cosmetically repaired and stabilized. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.

$3000 -$1000 Off $2000 SOLD Show Me Photo
AV-18-9 1.8' D

Kinko-ryu. Vintage Kono Gyokusui, Sr. Complete restored and upgraded. Cracks repaired and stabilized with inlaid rattan binding. Sterling silver and inlaid rattan nakasuké rings. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.

$2500 -$250 Off $2250 SOLD Show Me Photo
AP-20-56 2.0' C

Tozan-ryu. Tai Hei Shakuhachi. Made from rare madaké bamboo harvested in Kyushu, Japan. Stabilized bamboo utaguchi inlay bordered with14K gold. Inlaid rattan binding. Previously Owned. No cracks in the bamboo. Qualifies for the lifetime guarantee.

$3750 -$1000 Off $2750 SOLD Show Me Photo

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All Special Offer shakuhachi are sold "As Is".

All shakuhachi with Optional Binding applied qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee.
Shipping additional. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about one of these flutes,
please contact

Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes • Monty H. Levenson • P.O. Box 294, Willits, CA 95490 • (707) 459-3402 • [email protected]

Any of the flutes on this list can be placed

ON HOLD in your name with payment of a deposit.
Payment over time accepted.

This listing will be updated regularly as new instruments are available.
These are just some of the shakuhachi presently on hand.
For information on ordering a custom made Meditation, Student, Advanced Student or Professional Jiari & Jinashi Root-End models click here.

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