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Opening Day Events
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Shakuhachi Odyssey: The World of Shakuhachi with Drums, Drama & Dance
A plotted performance that takes the audience on a musical journey with the shakuhachi, featuring aspects of its Zen origins and history, its classical and modern Japanese traditions, and the new geographical and musical directions it moves in today. A collaboration of top shakuhachi artists from Japan and the U.S., Helander Dance Theater, Denver Taiko and other local musicians.
Macky Auditorium, CU Boulder - Tuesday, July 7th
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Shakuhachi at Chautauqua
This gala concert of the festival featured Jazz with John Kaizan Neptune & Friends, contemporary works by the Tokyo Modern Shakuhachi Ensemble, Katsuya Yokoyama and his Chikushin-kai group and others. Three hundred shakuhachi players from around the world raised Chautauqua's roof in the special work for shakuhachi orchestra.
Chautaqua Auditorium, Boulder - Wednesday, July 8th
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Living Treasures of Japan
The World's Greatest Shakuhachi Recital. Led by Living National Treasure Goro Yamaguchi, the five greatest masters of the shakuhachi in the world today along with top accompanists from Japan presented the festival's finale concert performing their signature works in solo and ensemble.
Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver - Thursday, July 9th
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Master Classes
During the week of the Festival, each of the five esteemed teachers taught a group class covering one of the traditional honkyoku pieces. Yamaguchi Sensei: Shika no Tone; Yokoyama Sensei: Sanya; Yamamoto Sensei: Tsuru no Sugomori; Aoki Sensei: Sokaku Reibo; Araki Sensei: Yoshiya Reibo.
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Workshops and Beginner Classes
These numerous workshops and classes covered every conceivable aspect of shakuhachi: performance tips, practice techniques, meditation, reading notation, breathing, body & breath, musical composition, shakuhachi making as well as many scholarly lectures dealing with the philosophy and history of the shakuhachi.
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Shakuhachi Makers Venue
Shakuhachi craftsmen from Japan and America as well as makers of other bamboo flutes set up booths to display and sell their instruments.
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Closing Banquet - Saturday, July 11th
A gala finale to a very special week in Boulder.
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Most of the photos in this album were taken by Steven Hagerth who worked hard to make them available for all to see. Many thanks, Steve.

More Photos of the World Shakuhachi Festival 1998 can be found on Mike Firman's homepage and Bill Atwood's site.

Read Stuart Goodnick's report of the Festival, Bells Ringing in the Empty Sky of Boulder

A video and commemorative CD of the Festival as well as a poster and T-shirt will soon be available. Funds generated from the sale of these items will be used to finance the next event. Go to the World Shakuhachi Festival Web Site for details.

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