Masayuki Koga

In the Multi Dimenson

This treatise is an extract from Koga's "Insight of Music". It was presented at a lecture/demonstration given at the class of Prof. Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Department of Music, Stanford University in Februrary, 2009 with the group Essence (piano, taiko and shakuahchi). It outlines Koga-sensei's unique approach to music and consciousness as it releates to blowing shakuhachi. Sections include About Openness, JMI's Open-System Approach, Music and Breathing, Talent/Kurasawa and Music, Specific Ideas for Musicians.

Dual Language: English & Japanese 11 pages. PG-21

Masayuki Koga is a teacher, composer and virtuoso performer of traditional and contemporary shakuhachi music. He received a shihan (master's credential) from the Tozan Ryu in 1964 after studying many years with Master Kazan Sakai. A former member of the Nihon Ongaku Shudan (Ensemble Nipponia), Koga has recorded several albums of contemporary and classical shakuhachi music. He is founder of the Japanese Music Institute in San Francisco.

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