Masayuki Koga

Sankyoku Series Music Sheets

(Kinko ryu and Western Notation)

This volume includes twelve classical sankyoku pieces for the shakuhachi, composed during the 18th and 19th Centuries, which are used by Koga for his beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Sankyoku refers to "new" music for the shakuhachi often played in ensemble with stringed instruments such as koto and shamisen (3-stringed lute). This music can be played solo as well.

The titles included in this edition are:

Each piece is written in both Japanese cursive and Western 5-line staff notation, including lyrics (transcribed in katakana as well as Romanji) and Koga's annotations.

*Comes with a CD featuring the pieces Kurokami, Tsuru no Koe, Sode Kohro, Kosu no To and Shin Takasago demonstrated by Masayuki Koga.

KS-1 90 pages

Koga Sheet Music

Masayuki Koga
Sheet Music for Shakuhachi

The first two of Masayuki Koga'soriginal compositions and arrangements of classical and contemporary shakuhachi music. Published by the Chiku-Shin Studio.

K-1 Shin Taka Sago (Japanese Cursive Notation)

K-2 Gael's Song (Japanese Cursive & Western Notation) 

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Sankyoku Series Music Sheets
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