Masayuki Koga


Universal Map of Mind and Body in Music

Koga-sensei writes: "My new book of “Atlas of Insight of Music”: First this was written for shakuhachi players, but also this applys for almost all music players."

Chapters include:
1. Universal Map of human’s Mind & body through untangle of coiled-Mind within
2. Lost Rear side of map: Body+Mind in music
3. Coil around the traches; Trachealis musle- horizontal direction and, Esophageal muscle- vertical direction)
4. Coil –like-spring walk in the Diaphragm
5. Simple yet complex function of Hyoid bone
6. Breaking a harmful “common-sense ”of Diaphragm Breathing system"
7. Defining of gradual-Development of science in our Common-sense
8. Center of Universe is “your-self”
9. Posture depends on bone-coordination
10. Bones need muscles
11. Bone and muscle has its-own biological-mind
12. Music consists on “independence” and “adjustability to environment”
13. Spiral around outer-body
14. Preparation to fly away freely for core of yourself in music
15. Be pragmatic for yourself and for society

Dual Language Edition in English and Japanese.

276 pages. PG-27

Masayuki Koga is a teacher, composer and virtuoso performer of traditional and contemporary shakuhachi music. He received a shihan (master's credential) from the Tozan Ryu in 1964 after studying many years with Master Kazan Sakai. A former member of the Nihon Ongaku Shudan (Ensemble Nipponia), Koga has recorded several albums of contemporary and classical shakuhachi music. He is founder of the Japanese Music Institute in San Francisco.

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