Mark Shepard

A Guide to Flutes and Flute Playing

Back in print by popular demand, this wonderful book has a developed a "cult following" over the years. Here is a complete guide for anyone who plays the flute or ever wanted to. Use it along with flute lessons or even to teach yourself! This book covers everything you need and more -- the history of the flute, selection and care, flute technique, fingering, playing by ear, reading music, and modern folk flutes. How to Love Your Flute will appeal to all flutists, from beginning to advanced.

112 pages, softcover, illustrated, bibliography. PG-15

"Shepard has come up with the most unique flute manual I have ever seen. It is direct, complete, informative on every aspect, and -- most important -- comes from the standpoint of pure love and respect for the instrument.... [This] book serves as a model for our times, and it is an inspiration for those who want to get more out of life through the joys of flute playing."
-- Paul Horn, from the Preface

"Shepard's soul-felt passion for the flute resonates through his book like music. It's a comprehensive guide with something for everyone, from novice to professional, and so well written that it's a pleasure just to browse through it. This book inspires."
-- Diana Barich, in The Next Whole Earth Catalog

"Comprehensive and concise... A highly readable and inspirational guide for flutists of every age and ability."
-- Jeanne Baxtresser, first flute, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

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