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Mark Shepard
FLUTECRAFT: An Artisan's Guide to Bamboo Flutemaking

FLUTECRAFT is an indispensible aide for the aspiring flutemaker. This manual on the art of making bamboo flutes was originally published in 1976 and has since become a classic. It is a "hands-on" book written clearly and concisely with great attention to detail. A basic understanding of flute acoustics provides the foundation for a step-by-step discourse on how to make and accurately tune the transverse (side-blown) bamboo flute. Chapters on physics of the flute are written for the layman and consider the effects of design parameters on pitch, range and tonal quality of the instrument. Working with bamboo is dealt with from start to finish. Where to get it, how to select it, cutting, boring, making and placing finger holes, fashioning the mouthpiece, tuning, binding and finishing are all discussed. Appendices are included with cover bamboo flute repair, tips on the business aspects of the craft and working safely with toxic materials. A reading list and fingering chart are also provided. 50 pages. CM-2 

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