Shepard, Simple Flutes Cover

Mark Shepard
SIMPLE FLUTES: How to Play or Make a Flute of Bamboo, Wood, Clay, Metal, Plastic, or Anything Else

Here is a guide for both making and playing transverse flutes of all kinds. Written for the beginner in both realms, this book takes the reader through the basic steps in producing sounds on the flute and transforming breath into music. Tips are offered on producing sharps and flats, playing higher notes in the second octave and techniques of breathing and tonguing. Care of the instrument is also discussed.

The chapters on flutecraft provide basic information on acoustics of the bore, hole placement and tuning, embouchure as it relates to making the mouth hole and a wide range of materials used for making flutes. Techniques for working with bamboo and binding the instrument to prevent it from cracking are described in detail.

This is an excellent overview for those who are interested in learning more about simple side-blown flutes. An excellent introduction for youngsters. 44 pages. CM-4 

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