Born in Osaka, TERUO FURUYA began studies of the shakuhachi under Katsuya Yokoyama at age 18. In 1971, he graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and the NHK Traditional Music Conservatory. At that time, he also made his debut on NHK television. He regularly holds his own recitals and makes numerous guest appearances in various concerts.

He has appeared in several of Yokoyama's recordings and has made his own set of shakuhachi practice videos and two CDs. He teaches at the NHK Culture Center and Gakugei University and is one of the main instructors of the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan (International Shakuhachi Training Center), sponsors of the First International Shakuhachi festival.

S-K7c. FUDO [J]

Fudo ("Movement of the Wind")
Fudo No. 2
Fudo No. 3
Fudo No. 4
Fudo No. 5

Modern shakuhachi trio pieces composed by Kineya Seiho.
Performed by Teruo Furuya, Kazushi Matama and Kaoru Kakizakai.

The 1960s were a golden age for modern Japanese music. Some of the seminal works of this period were the Fudo series of shakuhachi trio pieces by Kineya Seiho, which truly broke new ground. The five pieces, which were not originally envisioned as a series, were written from 1965 to 1987.

CD $24.00

S-F3b. KANGENHISHO with Mizuka Oonishi [J]
1. Nettaigyo
2. Maboroshi no Hashira
3. Sobo
4. Akikaze no Kyoku
5. Kangenhisho

Shakuhachi & koto. Modern pieces.


 CD $26.00

Shakuhachi Honkyoku and modern pieces from the 1920's to the 1970's.



 CD Currently

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