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The meaning of "Sugagaki" is mentioned in the section on "Akita Sugagaki" and as for "Sayama", it is sometimes called "Sanya Sugagaki" creating complications. Of course, these two pieces are completely different.

There is also a Koto piece called "Sanya Sugagaki" in the Ryuku Islands of Southern Japan. The relationship, if any, between this and "Sayama Sugagaki" becomes quite plausible since the Ryuku "Sanya" is also called "Godan Sugagaki" and "Sayama Sugagaki" has some characteristics of a "Danmono" (Dan composition) piece. Secondly, the names "Sanya" and "Sayama" are similar; both having Chinese characters in common. Also, "Sayama" is said to be the oldest Sugagaki piece and was transmitted along with "Sanya Sugagaki", "the Traditional Three" (Bekkaku), "Namima Reibo", and "Shika No Toneh" by Ikkei-Shi of Chofuku Zan Kuzai-Ji Temple in Nagasaki to Kinko Kurosawa I. So, the geographical proximity of Nagasaki to the Ryuku Islands can also suggest the further plausibility of the Ryuku "Sanya" and "Sayama" being related.

It is also said that "Sayama Sugagaki" was originally called "Shakuhachi Sugagaki" and that this piece, along with the six others mentioned above, was transmitted to Kinko in the year 1728.

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