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Please contact John if you are seriously looking for a fine historical or Master Shakuhachi. John is recognized by many as the leading authority outside of Japan on top quality vintage instruments. For the past 20 years he's assisted professional Shakuhachi players, teachers (including his teachers Yamaguchi Goro and Matsumura Homei), and enthusiasts all over the world in obtaining the finest instruments available.

Conditions of purchase and return:

Payment in full for all instruments must be received in advance of shipment (money orders and cashiers checks only). Upon receipt of payment, instruments will be shipped by EMS, UPS or Fed-Ex. A full refund (minus shipping & handling expense) will be given if Customer returns instrument in its original condition when received. Notification by customer of intention to return instrument must be given within 24 hours of its receipt. Be an educated buyer. It is most important to buy the flute that is right for you.

Also, visit the Shakuhachi Gallery and read the article: In Search of The Magic Flute: finding superior Shakuhachi.

For information contact John by e-mail:
[email protected]

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