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Crafting Your Own Native American Flute will allow you to know the pure joy of working with beautiful wood and of crafting your own flute. You will play with the knowledge that you alone made this beautiful instrument. To play is to know the peaceful and quieting feelings much like those found in meditation.

This new 60 minute DVD video now makes it possible for anyone to craft their own Native American flute. The flute is traditionally crafted, double-chambered, and six hole, typical of the plains flute. It is native tuned and excellent for those new to Native American music as well as those who haven't yet experienced this type of flute. Like those of the original Americans, this instrument is meant to be played solo. It includes techniques that show the novice woodworker, as well as the accomplished artisan how to build this flute. It shows how to perform each operation using hand tools, as well as the same task using some power tools. Each step in construction is shown. It shows how to craft the barrel and how to craft the fetish figure with tips on how to design and make your own fetish or power animal. Each video comes with a full scale dimensioned drawing as an aid in construction.

60 minutes. CM-26V 

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