From Amon Olorin Flutes
Native American flutes made out of injection molded ABS resin

In response to an ever-increasing demand for high-quality native-tuned instruments of this kind, Ken Light of Amon Olorin Flutes has been working on a project that has taken nearly two years to complete in order to produce for the very first time accurately tuned, beautifully voiced, durable, practical and inexpensive Native American-style flutes out of instrument-quality injection molded ABS resin.

The PF-Series flute has incorporated into its design several new innovations. In order to properly mold the interior chambers and tubular resonating chamber, the flute was designed to be made in several pieces. The head-piece, which contains the mouthpiece, mouthpiece interior chamber, wall, sound-producing ports, flue, lip, and nest area, was designed to be molded in two pieces, which are then permanently assembled and bonded together. The head piece ends with a precision engineered sleeve-type joint that fits snugly into the receiving end of the body tube piece, which contains the resonating chamber and finger holes.

In addition, because of this set-up with the flute consisting essentially of two pieces, with the head-piece and body-tube connected by a head-joint, it is possible to design body tubes with different tunings. As a result, the PF-Series flute comes supplied with two body tubes! One is the Sonoran tuning (G-minor) and the second slightly longer body-tube is in the Waterspirit-Great Lakes tuning (F#-minor). With a simple sliding take-apart and reassembly action, the flute becomes essentially two different instruments, performing beautifully in two historically accurate Native tunings which are fast becoming standards for contemporary instruments.

Ken's standard trademark Sonoran Block® piece is similarly molded of tough, stable, instrument-grade ABS resin and held in place with a strip of non-animal synthetic suede leather allowing for adjustably, cleaning, and moisture management.

The whole package is precision engineered, attractively sculpted, extremely durable, waterproof, breaks down to fit in a neat 17 inch long drawstring cloth bag, and weighs in at only 9 ounces. The PF-Series flute comes with complete playing instructions and fingering guide, historical and cultural information, and tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your new flute.


Here is what C. Carlos Nakai says about this newest member of the Amon Olorin Flute family:

"The PF-Series flutes are another innovation by Ken Light of Amon Olorin Flutes to offer the best sounding and most reliable native-tuned instrument practicable at an affordable price. I have found these instruments to remain in-tune through extended playing and in varying environmental conditions that would limit the performance capability of the one of-a-kind and more expensive wooden models. The PF-Series flute is well suited to double and triple tonguing passages and responds excellently to varying embouchure dynamics. The clarity of the pitches and the extended range of the PF flute enables more varied performance and collaborative possibilities. Compositions for performance by more than one flute are now readily accomplished without the idiosyncratic eccentricity and tunings of similar hand-made flutes. Wood is a living and changing material whereas the PF flutes are exact in many ways. The PFSeries flute marks another achievement in attaining the very best in reliability practicable without question. Now, I limit the hand-made flutes to special performances and use the PF's for extended work either in rehearsal, studio projects, or in long ensemble performances where time is of the essence. I highly recommend the PF Series flute for beginners, students, teachers, and professionals alike and the enjoyment of working with a reliable, extremely versatile, affordable instrument will only add pleasure in expressing yourself in the language of music."

R. CarIos Nakai
Managing Artist of Atoka1 Music Productions
Native American Flute Music, ASCAP

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