AKIKAZU NAKAMURA is a shakuhachi teacher and jazz virtuoso. He graduated from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) school of traditional music. as well as from Berklee College of Music in Boston with summa cum laude (majored composition and improvisation). He studied at the New England Conservatory for graduate studies of composition major and toured over thirty countries commissioned by Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan. Nakamura-sensei teaches traditional shakuhachi in Tokyo, however, has stretch the limits of this ancient instrument in ways that few others have such as innovating the use of circular breathing for shakuhachi.

S-N3l. NAYZEN [I] CD $19.50
Shakuhachi & Turkish Ney
with Kudsi Erguner

Shakuhachi & the end-blown Turkish reed flute performed by two master players.

Kudsi Erguner, one of the foremost nay masters of our times, is particularly famed for his activities helping to introduce Ottoman and sufi music to the world with internationally acclaimed projects and recordings. He lives and works in Paris as a musician, composer, musicologist, teacher and author.

Erguner comes from a family of Turkish musicians. His contact with many famous musicians from the older generation, who continually passed through his parents house, and his involvement with various Sufi brotherhoods, whose music and teachings Erguner studied, left their decisive marks on him. He received his training directly from his father, Ulvi Erguner, who was the last great master of the Nay. Kudsi Erguner studied also architecture and musicology in Paris, he has given concerts and played in major festivals throughout the world and has researched the music of India, Pakistan and Turkey, grounded diverse music ensembles, recorded numerous albums and has worked with such well known artists around the world.

Erguner is regarded as one of the most important pioneer and contributor to the Ottoman Sufi and classical music as well as to the world music with his original projects.

Learn more about these two traditional flutes in Dan Ribble's article on the subject.


S-N3k. KOKU [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi Music from Kyoto I
Shakuhachi honkyoku.

1. Daha
2. Koden Sugumori
3. Shingetsu
4. Shika no Tone (Taizan Branch of the Myoan School)
5. Kyorei
6. Mukaiji
7. Koku
8. Tsuru no Sugomori (Taizan Branch of the Myoan School)

S-N3j. REIBO [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi Music from Tohoku
Shakuhachi honkyoku.

1. Nesting of Cranes
2. Reibo
3. Futaiken Sanya
4. Miyagino Sukagaki
5. Wind and Forest
6. Falling of Cherry Blossoms
7. Nesting of Cranes (Renpoken & Kizenken lineage)


 S-N3i. SANYA [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi Music from Hokuriku
Shakuhachi honkyoku.

1. Sanya
2. Nesting of Cranes (Kokutaiji lineage)
3. Jinbo Sanya
4. Horai (Kokutaiji lineage)
5. Shitada Reibo (Echigo Myoanji lineage)
6.Shitada Sanya (Echigo Myoanji lineage)
7. Reibo (Kokutaiji lineage)
8. Sanya (Kokutaiji lineage) with monks of Kokutaiji Myoaniki. Shakuhachi and Buddhist chanting

SANYA has been awarded the distinguished Prize for Excellence by the Japanese government Agency for Cultural Affairs.

S-N3g. DAIBOSATSU [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi Music from Kyushu
Shakuhachi honkyoku played in the komuso style of Kyushu.

1. Daibosatsu
2. Kumoi no Kyoku
3. Reiho
4. Toppiki
5. San'an
6. Azuma no Kyoku
7. Saji
8. Banshiki and Daiotsu

Sorry, Out of Print

Shakuhachi Music from Tsugaru
Nezasa-ha Kinpu-ryu honkyoku.

1. Shirabe
2. Sagari-ha
3. Matsukaze no Shirabe
4. Matsukaze
5. Shishi
6. Sanya Sukagaki
7. Toori
8. Kadozuke
9. Hachigaeshi
10. Nagashi Reibo
11. Koku

Sorry, Out of Print

S-N3c. SAJI [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi honkyoku.1. Saji
2. Tsuru no Sugomori
3. Hon Shirabe
4. Murasaki Reihou
5. San'an
6. Shika no Tone
7. Shin'getsu

Original compositions. Honkyoku. The band Forest includes shakuhachi, keyboards & 5-string silent bass. This album also uses koto, sitar, guitar, percussion and voice.

Hear sound sample from NEUTRAL POINT / FOREST.

Sorry, Out of Print


S-N3a. SUN / MOON with Shin Miyashita [J] CD $18.50
Music inspired by the planets & earthly elements. Composed by Satoh Somei.

Hear sound sample from SUN-MOON.

S-N3d. ZOOM - KOKOO with Michiyo Yagi & Miki Maruta [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi & two kotos playing traditional and "new" music that rushes past conventional boundaries.

Hear sound sample from ZOOM at the Kokoo web site: www.kokoo.com

S-N3h. KOKOO-MOON [J] CD $11.50
Original compositions. Shakuhachi, two koto and voice.
(Please note: 15 min. playing time.)

S-N3f.SUPER-NOVA - KOKOO with Michiyo Yagi & Miki Maruta [J] CD $18.50
Shakuhachi & two kotos playing Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and others. The boundaries are stretched and broken on this recording.

Check out the Kokoo web site at : www.kokoo.com

Sorry, Out of Print

A Note about Pricing of CDs Imported from Japan

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Thank you Akikazu Nakamura for lowering the price of your CDs and DVDs.

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