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Andreas B. Gutzwiller

Aspects of History, Practice & Teaching

Gutzwiller's scholarly treatise deals with the history of the shakuhachi from about 600 AD to the present, concentrating on the evolution of the Fukeshu (a branch of the Rinzai sect of zen Buddhism) and the Kinko Ryu. It examines in detail, gaikyoku, the non-religious music which was added to the shakuhachi repertoire in the 19th century. Gutzwiller also investigates the musical structures of the shakuhachi's insenpo scale, focusing on its melodic movement, modulation and timbre. He further presents a description of honkyoku, the original solo music for shakuhachi, showing how the principle of in and yo (yin and yang in Chinese) influences the construction of its phrases. The final section of this thesis analyzes the structure of honkyoku and presents a description of the traditional shakuhachi teaching process. Illustrations, sheet music and bibliography included.

8 1/2" x 11" Unbound format. Photocopy. 201 pages. BK-2

Andreas B. Gutzwiller studied shakuhachi with Araki Kodo V and Kawase Kansuke at Wesleyan University and in Tokyo, Japan. This volume is his doctoral dissertation presented to the Ethnomusicology Department at Wesleyan in 1974

Recorded Music by Andreas Gutzwiller

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