International Shakuhachi Society

The shakuhachi has served as a unique bridge between the cultures of Japan and the West. The classical honkyoku are one of the very few areas in which individualism
can find acceptable Dan Mayers, President ISSexpression in the rigid society of Japan, while in the West this same music offers deep insight into zen Buddhism and all that it implies.

Dan E. Mayers, President Emeritus of the ISS

The International Shakuhachi Society serves as a world forum for those interested in this unique instrument. It enables the various Japanese schools, leading players, composers and ethnomusicologists to disseminate their views to a wide and sympathetic audience. The Society is not partisan, but respects the unique relationship with the instrument which each player enjoys. The Society promotes and encourages the exchange and dissemination of information related to shakuhachi, its music and traditions. Membership is open to all interested individuals.

The Annals of the International Shakuhachi Society addresses the interests of its members under the following broad headings:

Membership dues to the International Shakuhachi Society are $35.00 per year. Volume 1 of the Annals of the ISS - a 196-page, hard cover edition containing a wealth of information drawn from distinguished members of the shakuhachi community - is provided at no additional charge with each membership (shipping included).

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