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Trevor Robinson
The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker

This classic how-to-do-it manual is written for the serious craftsman as well as the musician interested in learning more about his or her instrument. It includes detailed descriptions of the materials and methods for making a number of traditional early European woodwinds. Information is provided on equipping the workshop, sources of design, pitch and tuning, taking measurements, choosing wood, boring and reaming, making joints, ferrules, bushings and decorations, reeds, finger-hole placement and techniques for finishing the instrument. Wooden instruments discussed include the flute and fife, recorders, clarinets, the shawm and oboe, krumhorns, racketts, cornetti. Brass instruments include the trumpet and horns.

Appendices cover museum collection of instruments, sources of materials and making specialized boring tools. An extensive bibliography is provided as are detailed tables and charts showing instrument dimensions. 41 illustrations. University of Massachusetts Press, Revised edition. 116 pages. CM-14 

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