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Monty H. Levenson

Notes on the Craft & Construction

For those folks who are into doing it themselves, here is a craft manual dealing with the construction of the shakuhachi. It explains how to make your own flute with clear and simple instructions. This manual covers all aspects of the craft: selecting bamboo, where to find it, working the bore of the flute and how to tune the shakuhachi. It provides information on fashioning the blowing edge and inserting the utaguchi, lacquering the bore, binding and repair. There are several diagrams and a source listing for Japanese and other tools.

22 pages. CM-1

Monty Levenson has been making shakuhachi flutes since 1970. This funky little hand-printed book was published in the early 'Seventies. The original edition has neither been revised nor updated. It remains a classic which has developed somewhat of a "cult following" having started many a flutemaker on the road to obsession. Read it at your own risk! 

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