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David Farrelly


2nd Edition

Here is the first complete sourcebook for bamboo -- one of the earth's most extraordinary plants and one of its most underused resources. Bamboo has an amazing vitality combined with a wide versatility. Its lightweight strength, ease of working with simple tools and striking beauty have given it a longer and more varied role in human cultural evolution than any other plant on the earth. The Book of Bamboo is a comprehensive guide to this remarkable plant, its uses and its history. It is an intriguing compendium of fact and fancy including:

 BAMBOO - THE PLANT. A virtual encyclopedia with information on how to cultivate, maintain and harvest bamboo, temperate and tropical species, growth rates, flowering cycles, world distribution, uses in landscape and cuisine.

 SHELTER - THE WOOD OF THE POOR. Lamination, "plybamboo", reinforced concrete, earthquake-zone construction, the psychology of shelter, architecture of the heart.

 BAMBOO CRAFT & CONSTRUCTION. Tools and techniques used by craftsmen for millennia in working with bamboo. New advances and experimental processes. Building with "fiber-grass". Uses in floors, fences, papers, playgrounds, treehouses and much more.

 THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG OF BAMBOO. Acupuncture needles, blowguns, bridges, dolls, kites, sandals, ships, violins, windmills and a thousand more items all made from bamboo.

 THE ARTIST'S ALLY - THE PEOPLE'S FRIEND. The art of sumi-e , a bamboo orchestra, the ceremony of friendship, the Tao of housing.

 THE BAMBOO MESSAGE. Research and experimentation, culture and climate, beginner's bamboo, cultural and historical roots.

New revised edition published by Sierra Club Books. 340 pp. BK-6

David Farrelly has taught at Washington University, the University of Iowa and the University of Saskatchewan. For the past several years he has worked at planting, harvesting and building with bamboo in rural Mexico, Nicaragua and throughout the United States. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Farrelly has worked most recently for the Ministries of Education and Agriculture in Nicaragua and at the Bambouseraie de Prafrance in Anduze, France.

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