Ned Rothenberg

Ned Rothenberg
Do Omoi

This original composition for shakuhachi is inspired by traditional honkyoku and dedicated to Yokoyama Katsuya. It comes complete with performance notes in both English and Japanese. This piece can be heard on Ned's CD, The Crux: Selected Solo Wind Works (1989-1992).

Ned Rothenberg composes and performs on saxophones, bass clarinet, flute and shakuhachi (an end blown Japanese bamboo flute). He has been internationally acclaimed for his solo music which he has presented for the past 16 years in hundreds of concerts throughout North and South America, Europe and Japan. He leads the ensembles Double Band and Power Lines and was a founding member of the cooperative group New Winds (with Robert Dick, flutes and J.D. Parran, woodwinds). He is currently starting a new trio with guitarist/bassist Jerome Harris and Tabla virtuoso Samir Chatterjee. His co-collaborators in other projects have included Paul Dresher, Yuji Takahashi, Sainkho Namchylak, Richard Teitelbaum, Elliott Sharp, Samm Bennett, John Zorn, Katsuya Yokoyama and Fred Frith. He's lived and worked in New York City since 1978.

A few of Rothenberg's more notable sojourns have been 6 trips to Japan including a 6-month residency there during which he performed his music and studied shakuhachi with two of the foremost masters of the instrument, Goro Yamaguchi and Katsuya Yokoyama. 3 trips to the former Soviet Union in '89, '92 and '94 working solo, in various groups and in duo with Sainkho Namchylak. December '91 saw his first trip to South America where he presented his solo music. 

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