MASAKAZU YOSHIZAWA (September 1950 - October 2007) was an internationally reknown, multi-faceted musician. Yoshizawa was perhaps best known publicly for his performances with various Japanese flutes (shakuhachi, shinobue, hichiriki, nokan, etc.) and percussion instruments (the various taiko, tsusumi drums and other percussives). Yoshizawa performed live, in concert, worldwide, and was composer for orchestra as well as many Japanese musical forms. Yoshizawa was also an active studio musician. His most recent film work was as a soloist on the soundtrack of Memoirs of a Geisha. He also appears in the film. He also played on many movie soundtracks including: Jurassic Park; Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story; The Joy Luck Club; and all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequels .In addition to his professional performances as a musician, Masakazu Yoshizawa worked as a consultant to composers, arrangers and contractors on all Japanese instruments. He gave shakuhachi lessons and lectures on and demonstrations of Japanese musical instruments to schools, clubs, and other organizations.

Kokin-Gumi means "old" and "new" or "traditional" and "contemporary." The group was formed in 1993 when the trio of musicians: Masakazu Yoshizawa, Hiromi Hashibe and Tateo Takahashi, came together, blending traditional instruments with synthesizers to perform traditional, contemporary, and original compositions. Kokin-Gumi has performed nationally as well as in Japan. They have also appeared on NHK (Japan's National Public Television Network) projects and many others in Japan, as well as in Anchorage, Alaska and Phoenix, AZ. They have played at numerous events in the Los Angeles area including the "Nisei Week Festival" and in the "World of Tsuzumi."

Hiromi Hashibe began studying the koto at the age of five. She received her first degree from Tokyo University of Fine Arts, where she studied under Miyagi Kazue and the late Miyagi Kiyoko, who was reconized as a National Treasure. Ms. Hashibe is certified as a grand teacher by the Miyagi School of Koto. She has been teaching in Los Angeles since 1975 and is the leader of her own koto group, "Wakana-kai."
In 1993 she became part of Kokin-Gumi. Ms. Hashibe performs in the United States as well as in Japan. Ms. Hashibe's film credits include numerous soundtracks among them, "Star Trek," "Vietname War Story" and, most recently, "Memoirs of a Geisha."

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