TATSUMI YOSHIOKA is a peformer, composer and arranger who studied shakuhachi with Yokoyama Katsuya. Started in 1972 at the age of 17. He received a shihan master's certification 1978 upon graduating from NHK Hogaku Ginosha Ikuseikai. He also studied hogaku music with the renowned koto player, Chikushi Katsuko. Since 1980, he played annual recitals with wife Seiei Tomimoto (sangen). In 1981,Tatsumi formed Yoshioka Hogakusha.


Kougen no Fu [J]
with Chikushi Junko, Yoshioka Mokoto, Tsukamoto Kachotoku, Ave Utafumi, Izumi Kazusa, Wanibuchi Kamuha, Sato Kaori, Kainuma Kasuho, Kaesstu Ono & Ishikawa Kasen (koto)

Shakuhachi and koto compositions written by Katsuko Chikushi, renowned koto teacher from Kyushu, who passed away in 1984.

This CD is dedicated to her momory.

1. Kougen no Fu
2. Maboroshi no Hashira
3. Maboroshi o Oute
4. Yoshinoshizuka
5. Aoshima


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