JOEL TAYLOR is a composer/improvisor who makes extensive use of shakuhachi and suling (Indonesian bamboo fipple flutes) in his work, as well as analog synthesizers, computers and misc. small percussion and wind instruments. The trio Nyquist features Joel Taylor on shakuhachi, suling and electronics, Scott Smallwood on steel pan and electronics and Seth Cluett on electric bass and electronics. All of these players make liberal use of extended instrumental technique and electronic processing in their explorations.

S-T6a. SOME STATEMENTS ­ Nyquist CD $17.50
High energy improvisations in the free jazz tradition, for shakuhachi, suling, steel pan and misc. small percussion, electric bass and electronics.
DISPERSIONS - Nyquist CD $17.50
A set of quirky, supple explorations in the experimental electronic music/noise tradition: inside the outside, nuance piles up, complexities disperse.
PAUSE - Scott Smallwood and Joel Taylor Duo CD $17.50
An extended modal meditation for shakuhachi, small percussion, and Serge analog synthesizer, this set looks East towards India and SE Asia for it's inspiration.
ISP720-2K - Curtis Bahn, Scott Smallwood, Joel Taylor Trio CD $17.50
An involved and beautiful journey deep into a strange and evocative musical wilderness which encompasses the distant past as well as the unknowable future.

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