ICHIRO SEKI is a shakuhachi player and composer currently living in Tokyo. He studied shakuhachi with Yokoyama Katsuya and composition with Shuko Mizuno and Yoriaki Matsudaira. He has performed around the world and well-known in Japan for his shakuhachi and koto compositions.

S-S4a. FLUTE SUMMIT [I] CD $20.00 Out of Stock
Flautists from Japan, India, China & the Netherlands in concert.
CONTRASTS [I] CD $20.00 Out of Stock
Ichiro Seki plays shakuhachi and presents his works.
1. Music from the movie,The Last Emperor.
2. Compositions for Shakuhachi quartet based in Japanese folk songs.
3. Contrasts for shakuhachi and harpsichord
4. Honkyoku: Sanya

(Sheet Music available for The Last Emperor and Compositions for Shakuhachi.)

 Learn more about Ichiro Seki's shakuhachi sheet music.

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