RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ was born in Argentina in1978, then moved to Spain in 1986. It was there that his professional music career began. He travelled to Japan several times to study classical and traditional Japanese music under the lineages of Katsuya Yokoyama with Kakizakai Kaoru at the Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan. In 2009 Rodriguez began studying honkyoku and contemporary music with the renowned shakuhachi master Miyata Kohachiro.

In recent years, Rodrigo has performed numerous concerts in both the West and the East, at stages like Imperial Hotel Tokyo, NHK Culture events, and in the Temple Kotoku-in of the "Great Buddha" of Kamakura in Japan. In 2011-2012 he received honour invitation from Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the State Tchaikovsky Conservatory to perform shakuhachi in the XIV International Music Festival "The Soul of Japan" ("Nihon-No Kokoro") in Moscow.

He presently works as a full-time instructor for the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Balearic Island in Spain(Conselleria d'Educacio i Cultura) dissemating knowledge and information related to the shakuhachi tradition, culture and philosophy.


This is an album of traditional shakuhachi flute music sponsored by the Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in Spain, Ayuntamiento Coria del Río, Association Casa Galicia Japon and SGAE.

Dedicated to the Japanese ambassador and samurai,
Hasekura Rokuemon Tsunenaga (1571-1622).

In the years 1613 through 1620, Hasekura headed a diplomatic mission to the Vatican in Rome, traveling through New Spain (arriving in Acapulco and departing from Veracruz) and visiting various ports-of-call in Europe. This historic mission is called the Keicho¯ Embassy (慶長使節), and follows the Tensho¯ embassy (天正使節) of 1582.

A collection of pieces from the shakuhachi schools, Tozan Ryu, Nezasa Ha, Kinko Ryu and Mu-ryu were selected by Rodrigo for this memorial album and also thematic original compositions inspired in the mission of Hasekura Tsunenaga.

This musical project was approved and included in the  Dual Year Spain - Japan 2013-2014 Japanese embassy in Spain. It was also selected as one of the official gifts to Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito during his visit to Spain, as a part of cultural and artistic exchange between the two countries.

1. Kumoi Jishi
2. Sagari Ha
3. 5 October 1614
4. Sanya Sugagaki
5. Shika No Tone
6. Kogarashi
7. Azuma Jishi
8. Dialogues: King Philip III
9. Departure to Rome
10. Azuma Jishi Duet
11. Beneath High Cliffs
12. Towards God (Hasekura's Baptism)
13. Arrival in Sendai

   CD $17.50


Nine solo pieces and one shakuhachi honkyoku.

1. Eleven Waterfalls 4:26 - Listen
2. Sunyata 3:15
3. Chaniwa 5:35
4. Kyuden no Kurayami 4:05
5. Lady of the Snow 2:02 - Listen
6. Peace Bell 3:27 - Listen
7. Cross of Light 3:34 - Listen
8. Sangha 2:27
9 . Shinkantaza 3:11
10 . Honshirabe 3:45 - See Video Below

 CD $15.00

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Rodrigo Rodriguez

Playing the honkyoku Honshirabe

Playing the honkyoku Azuma Jishi


Monty H. Levenson, P.O. Box 294, Willits, CA 95490 USA

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