ANNE NORMAN is a shakuhachi teacher and virtuoso performer living and teaching in Melbourne, Australia. She studied shakuhachi with Nakamura Shindo, Tajima Tadashi and Yamaguchi Goro in Japan.

 Breath of Creation  S-N4a. BREATH OF CREATION-Flutes of Two Worlds [I] with Greg Dikmans CD $21.00
 Jouissance  S-N4b. JOUISSANCE [I] CD $21.00
12th century chants of Hildegard and Abelard in post-modern recontextualisation with voice, doublebass, percussion and shakuhachi.
 Kagome  S-N4c. KAGOME [I] with Nadoya Music & Dance Co. CD $21.00
Shakuhachi with traditional instruments, koto & voice. Inspired by themes and lyrics of Japanese children's song Kagome.
 Driftwood  S-N4d. DRIFTWOOD [I] with Michael Livett CD $21.00
Original compositions. Shakuhachi, didgeridu & other traditional and modern instruments.
   S-N4e. GIFT [I] with Jarek Czechowicz CD $21.00
Spontaneous improvisations with shakuhachi & guitar.

Monty H. Levenson, P.O. Box 294, Willits, CA 95490 USA

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