ADRIAN FREEDMAN lives in England where he began studying shakuhachi with Clive Bell. He moved Japan in 1993 to study at Kyoto University as a composition research fellow until 1998. During that time he continued his shakuhachi studies with Yokoyama Katsuya. While in Japan, Adrian gave solo recitals in Japanese Zen temples across the country, composed and performed many soundtracks for Butoh-Japanese contemporary dance.

Adrian set up and ran several arts-education/community projects in the UK, which had an international exchange with musicians and dancers from Japan. Heis director of The Eternal Heart Centre, incorporating sacred music into spiritual practice.


This album features the kora and shakuhachi as well as Arabian frame drums, slide guitar, Celtic flute, overtone singing and other instruments.

1. Ramana
2. Blues
3. Pratana
4. Riverun
5. Gauri
6. Iemanja
7. Yajna
8. Tsukimi

CD $18.00


Shakuhachi honkyoku and original compositions.

2. Spirit Rising - Listen
3. Sanya
4. Miyama Higurashi - Listen
5. Tamuke - Listen
6. Moon Light


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