Michel Dubeau and Bruno Deschênes are members of the Matsu Take Ensemble along with koto players Emiko Toguchi and Kayo Yasuhara. Both Michel and Bruno studied shakuhachi with Professor Yoshio Masumoto in Montréal, Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin, Yoshio Kurahashiand Alcvin Ramos. Michel Dubeau is a classically and jazz-trained musician who excels in tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet and flute. He also plays the shinobue (a Japanese bamboo transverse flute), the Arab nay, the Armenian duduk, the Chinese Di-dze, the South American qena, the Bulgarian kaval, the Scottish bagpipe, and a number of other wind instruments from all over the world. Bruno Deschênes is a composer, a pianist, accompanist, as well as an ethnomusicologist, specialized in Japanese music. He has published and regularly lectured in anthropology, sociology and philosophy of music throughout the world.


S-D4b. MATSU TAKE: The Mysterious Sound of the Wind in the Bamboo [I]

This CD contains minyo and honkyoku for two shakuhachi, original pieces, as well as an improvisation on koto with Emiko Toguchi and Michel Dubeau on shinobue. Two of the minyo are accompanied on taiko by Kayo Yasuhara. Except for one piece, all the shakuhachi duets are original arrangements by Bruno Deschênes. Among these, you can hear an arrangement of 'Chidori no Kyoku'.

 CD $15.00

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