DEBBIE DANBROOK is a composer and recording artist performing original, contemporary compositions. Incorporating the shakuhachi into a distinctive new Healing Music that blends Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Debbie studied shakuhachi in Japan with Tadashi Tajima and is the first professional female player to specialize in the unique healing abilities of this sacred instrument.  To this end, she has recorded sixteen CD's, fourteen of them specifically for healing and meditation.  Her music has been embraced by healers and spiritual practitioners around the globe. 


Music for movement and meditation. Shakuhachi, Voice, Guitar, Oud, Bouzouki, Fretless Bass, Drums, Percussion & Darbuka.

"Ambient World is music for movement and meditation. Feel the pulse of the earth, feel the pulse of your heartbeat and let the energy of the music bring them together in harmony. Please join me in an ethereal dance of celebration."

 CD $14.00


The seventh chakra is White and is at our crown. This chakra deals with our connection to the spiritual realm and connects us with beauty and universal energy. This last recording is a compilation with two selections from each Chakra recording above. It is all contained in the spirit. May your spirit be full.





Solo shakuhachi.

"It would be great If you could take this CD with you on a visit to the spa. Just ask the practitioner there to put the music on for you to enjoy during your treatment. We can’t always treat ourselves to a spa visit. Why not try and create an atmosphere of relaxation in your own home by putting aside some time for yourself."





Shakuhachi, Voice, Guitar & Keyboards.

This is music for meditation, for looking within. The energy of this recording will help you to connect with your spiritual guides, your angels. Debbie's vocals in this recording, as in all hwe music, are without words.





Shakuhachi accompanied by The London Boy’s Choir played on keyboards.

This recording helps allow you to let go of the busy energy from your day. "If you have trouble staying asleep, try putting the CD on repeat mode and have it playing very, very quietly throughout the whole night. I find this to be very helpful for me when I am having trouble staying deeply asleep."



S-D1a. TANOSHI - JOY [i]

A texture of vocals, cello, koto & percussion with a New World beat. Contemporary & traditional melodies performed in an excitingly innovative setting.

 CD $14.00

S-D1k. HONKYOKU with Anne Bourne & Akikazu Nakamura [I]

Traditional honkyoku played with voice and cello accompaniment. Shika no Tone duet with Akikazu Nakamura.

The Shakuhachi was originally played only by monks as a type of Zen called ‘Suizen’ or blowing Zen. Up until now the flute has only been played by men and these pieces have only been recorded by men. "In my recording I have added cello and female voice to help marry the masculine and feminine energy of this music."

 CD $13.00

S-D1j. GROUPO GEKKO with Anne Bourne & Celina Carroll [I]

Shakuhachi is a featured part of this trio of voice and ethnic instruments playing new and original compositions.

CD $14.00

Monty H. Levenson, P.O. Box 294, Willits, CA 95490 USA

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