Bamboo Flute Around the World

RON KORB has mastered a variety of traditional Japanese woodwinds including the tse, ryuteki, misatobue and shinobue. He studied Gagaku, the Imperial Court music of Japan, in Tokyo.

W1a. JAPANESE MYSTERIES [I] with Hiroshi Sakaguchi C $10.50 / CD $15.50
Japanese folk, zen & ancient court music in a modern setting. Recorded in Japan with Tani Senzan on shakuhachi.
FLUTE TRAVELER [I] C $10.50 / CD $15.50
Bamboo and ethnic folks flute around the world.

BARRY STRAMP is a musician, sound technician & researcher of world and primitive music. He is half of the duo Coyote Oldman which has produced several albums of native American flute.

W2a. A SKY OF DREAMS: Neoprimitive Flute Solos C $10.50 / CD $15.50
Shakuhachi, bansuri, kena & siku with electronic arrangements.

DAVID HOPKINS, Irish-born and living on the Atlantic Coast of France, is a one-man bamboo band. A master of wind, percussion and strings all played on bamboo instruments and rooted in the spirit of indigenous people's music.

W3a. HEAR THE GRASS [I/*] C $12.50 / CD $19.00
Echoes from the world of bamboo.

STEPHEN COUGHLIN plays several bamboo flutes including the Egyptian nay and North Indian bansuri.

W4a. BREEZE AT DAWN C $10.50

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