John Vames

Understanding the Gift

3rd Edition

This is a comprehensive guide and permanent resource for all students of the Native American Flute. All Instruction is offered in a pleasant, concise and easy to understand language and format for learning to play. It is a book that will answer a large and growing demand for a text and CD to benefit all of the following: the Beginner who has little or no experience playing a musical instrument, the Intermediate player who wants to fill gaps and add to his or her knowledge of how the Native American Flute works, how music works, and how to put the two together, and the Advanced player who wants to teach others how to play but up until now did not have a clear-cut format to do so.

Chapters include informaiton on:
1. Proper finger and breath control
2. How to ornament melodies, understanding pitch and phythms
3. How to practice successfully
4. How to create your own songs
5. Useful scales to develop technique
6. How to read printed music and tablature

Revised 3rd edition. 104 pages. Instructional text include 25 sheet music scores for the 6-hole Native American flute with companion 39 track CD.


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John Vames has been playing and teachng music professionally for the last 30 years. The focus of his teaching is not only to develop professional musicians but also to show students how to create and enjoy music for the enrichment of their own lives. With his help hundreds of people of all ages have learned to play clarinet, sax, transverse flute, Native American Flute, Jazz and Classical piano.

As a graduate of Northwestern University with a Masters Degree in Music Theory, John spent his undergraduate years at the University of Chicago. His friendship with the Native American Flute began in 1995 while vacationing in Santa Fe. As an educator he realized how easy it was for almost anyone to play.  Unlike piano or guitar that take years of study, this instrument could be mastered in a short time. What followed was his initiation of Flute classes at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona and the first 16 week credited program for Native American Flute on a Community College level. John has been a member of the  SCC Music faculty since 1985.

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