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R. Carlos Nakai & James DeMars



This book is the summation of R. Carlos Nakai's years as an educator, performer and student of the Native American flute.

Part One includes discussions on the tunings, fingerings, performance technique, tablature, style, history, standard notation, traditional ornaments, plus a section on the care and maintenance of the flute.

Part Two includes sixteen transcriptions of songs from Nakai's recordings Changes, Earth Spirit, Emergence, Journeys, Cycles and Winter Dreams plus two DeMars compositions, "The Colors Fall" (from Spirit Horses) and "Crow Wing" (from Native Tapestry).

Part Three is an analysis of Nakai's role in Native American culture as a recording artist and performer by the ethnomusicologist David P. McAllester along with additional material by flute maker Ken Light.

More than a performance guide, this book is an important source on the the Native American flute and a concise review of the career and artistry of one of the most important ethnic artists in America.

132 pages. PG-N-1

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