Tim R Crawford
with Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, Editors

An Introduction to the Native American Flute
(3rd Edition)

Now Available! New 3rd Edition

Two New Chapters
"Flute Care Options" and "Song Writing, Getting Started"

Four New Appendixes
1. "Bullroar"
2. "Federal Cylinder Project"
3. "NAF Construction Based Upon Body Measurements"
4. "Warble"

One New Section: "Resources"
"Building Your own Native American Flute, Options"
including updated lists of Organizations and Flute Builders

Plus Extensive updates to the "Origins, Designs and Decorations Chapter" with updates and changes to many other chapters and appendixes.

Here is the definitive guide to the Native American Flute. It is suitable as a classroom instructional guide and tutoring text. The music in this book can be used by beginning players as well as accomplished artists. 3rd Edition - 172 Pages PG-N-2

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Origins, Designs & Decoration
3. Playing the Native American Flute
4. Elementary Music Fundamentals
5. Instrument Key
6. TABlature for Trained Musicians
7. TABlature for Non-Trained Musicians
8. TABlature Fingering Charts
9. Introduction To The TABlature Exercises: Five-Hole Flute
10. Introduction to the TABlature Exercises: Six-Hole Flute
11. Early Flute Music of the Indigenous Peoples
12. About the Music
13. About the Authors
14. Note To Educators
15. Additional TABlature and Finger Chart Sources
16. References
17. Additional Reading
18. Music For The Four-Hole Native American Flute (TAB): 2 songs
19. Music For The Five-Hole Native American Flute (TAB): 11 songs
20. Music For The Six-Hole Native American Flute (TAB): 19 songs
Appendix A: Organizations for the Native American Flute
Appendix B: Flute Builders
Appendix C: A Beautifully Decorated Flute and Its Story
Appendix D: Eagle Bone Whistle TABlature and Source Information
Appendix E: Using the Native American Flute to Imitate a Loon's Call
Appendix F: Music, Healing and Wellness
Appendix G: Random Tuning Observations

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