In Memoriam
Tani Senzan

Tani Senzan was the foremost master of the Ueda Ryu style of shakuhachi playing. He began his studies in Osaka with his father, who was also a Ueda-ryu shakuhachi master and recording artist. Under the tutelage of Ueda Kado, Mr. Tani received his headmaster status in 1977, won three consecutive Ueda National Gold medals and also won top honors in the N.H.K.National Music Competition. During the same period he recorded an album entitled "Season of the White Flower" for King Records. In 1988 Tani Senzan recorded two CDs "Zen Spirit" and "Evening Snow" to great critical acclaim. Mr. Tani has performed on radio and television and in cultural festivals and concerts across Japan. He also performed in Europe and North America.

He passed away on March 19th 2008 at the age of 65. He leaves behind his wife Tazuko and three sons Yasunori, Makoto and Mikio. All three sons play traditional Japanese music. Mikio and Makoto both play koto and are masters of Ikuta -Seiha. The eldest son Yasunori plays the shakuhachi and just recently won the top prize at the Remembrance of Nagatani Kengyo Kumamoto National Hogaku Music Contest. Throughout the years Tani Senzan and his sons occasionally performed together including a special concert with his son Makoto at the Nagano Olympics Games.

Tani Senzan's Music