In Memoriam
Darrel Dean

(December 8, 1945 - May 20, 2007)

A true Renaissance Man, there was nothing Darrel couldn't do. He was an auto mechanic, craftsman, wood carver, carpenter, a fine artist, graphic designer and master electrical engineer, but most of all he was a devoted friend who lived his life helping everyone he encountered.

Elaborating on the original design of Roderic Cameron, maker of the world's finest Baroque flutes, Darrel built a computer interface and wrote software for Rod's electronic bore measuring machine. Darrel and I adapted this innovative device for use in with shakuhachi. We hope that our collaboration with help in the analysis of historical woodwind instruments worldwide.

A free spirit and child of the 'Sixties, it was a privilege to know and work with Darrel for 37 years. He passed away after a short hospice at my home. He was a teacher to me every step of the way. Rest in peace, Darrel. I will miss you dearly.