Kaito The Dutch Shakuhachi Society

Kees Kort, Director
 J. Th. de Visserstraat 21
                2221 AT Katwijk (Z.-H.) Nederland
         Tel.& fax: +31 - (0)71 40 16814
         E-mail: kees@shakuhachi.nl

Kaito was established in May, 1996. Its goals are to stimulate interest in the shakuhachi and shakuhachi music in the Netherlands; to gather and disseminate information regarding the shakuhachi and its craft; to organize and support events and concerts of shakuhachi music. A newsletter sent to all members is published with information on forthcoming concerts, workshops and events (both organized by Kaito and others). The newsletter is published at least two times and includes a complete listing of members.

Annual membership fee for Kaito is dfl.25,- which can be deposited Kaito account (#331851261) at the RABO-bank in Katwijk, Netherlands. (For those wiring money, the Postal bank account number for RABO-bank is 230287.) New members will receive an information packet, a newsletter and address list as well as current publications of the association. For more information contact Kees Kort, director of Kaito.

Faces of Kaito

Kees Kort: "I have been playing the shakuhachi since 1989, following mainly the Japanese traditions, but also other musical routes (like Indian music). I studied with Ichiro Seki and Ragunath Seth. I am available for concerts, workshops and starters-teaching."

Bas Vogel, living in Rotterdam, has his roots in the brass band, classical and jazz music. He has been playing the trombone for 22 years and double-bass for 8 years. Bas now improvises on the shakuhachi, often in multi-cultural settings. He is available for concerts and workshops. Tel.: +31 10 4766275

Tony Lloyd lives in Amsterdam. He is a student of Ichiro Seki. He too is available for concerts, meditations and starters-teaching. Tony is willing to share the books and recordings of shakuhachi he has collected. Tel.: 020-4202099

Katja Vetter builds bamboo flutes in several shapes and pitches including "practice" shakuhachi. While these are simple beginner flutes made without a precise shape inside from non- root end bamboo, they do have a good acoustic quality. Katja maintains a workshop located at DODORAMA, Rochussenstraat 169, 3021 NP Rotterdam, Tel.: +31 10 4762290. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 noon to 6PM. This shop has information available on shakuhachi including the Sourcebook published by shakuhachi builder Monty Levenson. You are always welcome to stop by at DODORAMA.

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