We lost Stephen O'Donnell to a tragic airplane crash in 1997. A master woodworker, he applied his craft and love of music to the Watershed Flute with enormously successful results. I had the opportunity to talk with Stephen many times over the years and was always impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for the flutemaking process. He strived incessantly to improve and perfect his wonderful instruments.

The Watershed Flute

The Watershed Flute is a cross between the Native North American flute and European woodwind. It connects the endearing timbre of ancient American flutes with European precision and clarity. Each flute has a strong, clear tone with brilliant harmonics and the accuracy needed for solo or group performance. With the Watershed Flute, you can play a wide range of musical styles including the entire Native repertoire as well as American folk songs or European classical arias. Gregorian chants are a natural. These instruments are precisely tuned and conform to classical standards. Watershed Flutes are made of cedar or figured maple. Rosewood, rather than brass or plastic, is used to make the voice of the instrument creating overtones that are clear and compelling as well as a warm sound and lively response.
Watershed Flute

Models & Keys

The Watershed Flute plays achromatic scale ranging an octave and a half (17 notes) and is available in nine different keys: High D, C, B, A, G, F#, F, E and Low D. Please specify when ordering. (G is the most popular key and is closest to the average pitch of traditional native flutes.) Fingering chart and instructions for care included.

Watershed Flutes are made by Stephen O'Donnell of Viola, Wisconsin who is an exceptional craftsman and fine woodworker.

Click here to read what Stephen has to say about the instruments he makes.
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