Yoshi Kurahashi-sensei Visits America

Kurahashi sensei is one of the great living masters of shakuhachi. He has been very interested in the spread of shakuachi outside of Japan and travels to America regularly to perform, teach classes and offer workshops. Check the Caldendar of Shakuhachi Events for upcoming visits.
Yoshio Kurahashi
Fax: 075-691-9346
Cell: 090-2195-2778

Concert Schedule

Featuring: Master Flutists John Singer and Yoshio Kurahashi
A guest artist: Sumi Honami on Koto
7:30pm-, Sunday, Sept 29th
at St John's Presbyterian Church
2626 College Ave, Berkeley, California
Admission: $12.00 general & $10.00 for seniors
For more information
Contact John Singer at john@zenflute.com, call(510)528-2027
Contemporary Japanese Music
performed by Junko Shigeta and Koto Colorado
A guest artist: Yoshio Kurahashi on Shakuhachi
3:00pm-, Saturday, Oct 5th
at Denver Buddhist Temple
1947 Lawrence St. Denver, Colorado
Admission: $10.00 general & $7.00 for seniors and children
For more information
Contact Junko Shigeta at junkoto@aol.com, call(303)796-7907
or Hiromi Ahlstrom at hiro_momo3@hotmail.com, call(303)681-3100

 Yoshio Kurahashi

Shakuhachi Honkyoku

 Yoshio Kurahashi

This recording contains simple yet profound traditional solo music as well as two beautiful Chinese folk tunes. The CD also features the wonderful Chinese pipa (lute) player Wu Man, who accompanies Kurahashi on three of the selections.

Yoshio Kurahashi

1949: Born Kyoto.and studied shakuhachi since childhood under Yodo Kurahashi (father), founder of the Mujuan Shakuhachi School; later under Homei Matsumura of Nara.
1976: First recital Osaka; received the Osaka Cultural Festival Award.
1980: Became the second director of the Mujuan Shakuhachi School.
1981: Recital in New York, USA.
1982: Premiere of Hiten (A Flying Maiden) for Shakuhachi and Brass composed by Tetsunosuke Kushida, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1983: Performed in Wuxi, China.
1984: Premiere of Figuration for Shakuhachi and Brass composed by Tetsunosuke Kushida, Kyoto.
1986: Lectures in Tel-Aviv Univ., Hebrew Univ. and Bar-Ilan Univ., and recitals in Jerusalem and Haifa, Israel.
1987: Performed in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
1989: Inaugurated as the director of the Kyoto Sankyoku Association.
Performed in Queens College, Columbia Univ., Wesleyan Univ., Harvard Univ., Princeton Univ., Pennsylvania Univ. and Maryland Univ., USA
1990: Inaugurated as the director of the Kyoto Hogaku Group.
1992: Performed in Beijing and Shanghai, China.
1994: Performed in Queens College and Harvard Univ., USA.
1995: Performed in Queens College and Wesleyan Univ., USA.
Began annual shakuhachi intensive class in New York, Boston, Mass.and Boulder, Colorado, USA.
1996: Premiere of Sugihara for Shakuhachi and Orchestra composed by Meir Mindel, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1997: Premiere of Bamboo Princess composed by Randall Snyder, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
1998: Premiere of Of Songs and Silence composed by Don Stein, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Premiere of Fantasy for Kaguya-Hime composed by Hifumi Shimoyama, Carnegie Hall, New York, USA.
1999: Received the Kyoto City Art/Culture Association Award.
Released CD Kyoto Spirit. New Age Magazine(USA) named Kyoto Spirit The "best world music CD of the year 1999."
2000: Formed a trio WYT with a pipa player Wu Man and cellist Andor Toth. First recital: Chicago, USA. Performed in Canada with a pipa player Liu Fang and cellist Yegor Dyashkov.

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