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California-born flutist and saxophonist Bruce Huebner is the first non-Japanese to receive a master's degree in traditional Japanese music performance from the prestigious Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music where he studied shakuhachi (bamboo flute) under the late Goro Yamaguchi, Living National Treasure. After graduation in 1995 he relocated to Fukushima Prefecture he earned his mastership in shakuhachi from Chikuyusha, one of the oldest shakuhachi guilds, in 1997, and gave two solo shakuhachi recitals of Japanese classical music there. In 1998 he produced a widely used three-part instructional video on shakuhachi performance in English and in August 2000 he lead the Contemporary Sankyoku Ensemble's six state US Tour while releasing a solo CD of traditional shakuhachi music, "Song of Daybreak."



Candela Jazz Ensemble

Since returning to Tokyo last year Bruce has become co-leader of the Latin, World and Jazz ensemble "Candela", a Tokyo-based ensemble made up of long-time American residents of Japan. The group performs a fusion of styles grounded in jazz but embracing Latin, Japanese, and other World Music influences. Bruce's shakuhachi has become one of the pillars of the group's repertory. Candela has appeared on TV and radio and in top Tokyo night clubs such as STB 139, the Keynote (now B Flat), and TLG Odaiba. The group releases its debut CD "Mogami" in March 2002.

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School Concerts. Bruce performs and teaches with members of Candela in various combination at high schools and junior high schools around Japan. Lecture concerts are held in English or Japanese.
Shakuhachi/Woodwind lessons. He holds lessons in Tokyo (Ota-ku) in Kinko style shakuhachi and jazz.
Fukushima University. Bruce teaches a yearly 6 month course in shakuhachi at Fukushima Prefectural Medical University.
International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. He instructs students on flute, sax, clarinet and shakuhachi.
Yabuki, Fukushima. Bruce also conducts lessons in flute and shakuhachi monthly in Yabuki Town in Fukushima. For more information contact Yoshiko Tamaru at:

Shakuhachi Instructional Videos

Bruce has produced three widely acclaimed shakuhachi videos in English that
are available through this web site for use in the US, Japan and Europe. These videos are easy to understand, step-by-step introductions to basic tone production, notation systems and performance practice for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. The three part series includes Kinko School for Beginners, Jiuta Ensemble and Kinko Honkyoku.


Bruce's recordings reflect the wide scope of his music: The newest, "Mogami," features shakuhachi (and flute) in a fresh new melodic context centered on jazz. The previous CD "Song of Daybreak," is a cross section of the shakuhachi classical art music. That CD inlcudes Kinko Honkyoku for two shakuhachi ("Akita Sugagaki" etc), Sankyoku (for koto shamisen and shakuhachi), Hauta (Edo period song with shamisen and shakuhachi), pre-war Modern Japanese (Michio Miyagi's famous "Spring Sea") and Post-war modern Japanese (a recording premier of Tadao Sawai's "Akebono no Uta").

Candela "Mogami"

Latin Jazz, World Music, Multi-instrumental jazz quintet.

"Song of Daybreak"

Chamber music, honkyoku & contemporary music for shakuhachi, koto, sangen & voice.

Contact Information

Bruce Huebner
1-16-8-220 Chuo, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan 143-0024
Telephone / FAX: 81-3-3774-2688 / Cell: 090-6015-4144
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