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4/26   "Mogami"   CD Release (Japan Stores:  HMV, Tower, Disc Union,     Yamaha, Yamano)
4/29   KFM Radio Live Broadcast (Kanagawa) Candela 5 interview  and     performance.  (6 to 7 PM)
5/1   Jazz Life Magazine (review)  
5/3   Yamaha Ginza In Store Concert (Candela 5 In store Concert;  3PM    Start)
5/4   Candela 2 at Omiya Shrine Concert (Suginami, Tokyo)
5/6   Candela 5 Live at Jesse James  (Tachikawa)
5/17   Sogetsu Hall Concert. (With Vocalist "Lulu")
5/20   CD Journal "Artist Interview" (interview/feature)
5/20   Swing Journal , ADLIB Magazine  (reviews)
6/2002  AERA Magazine (music column feature)
6/1   HMV Shinjuku South In Store Concert (3PM)
6/21   Konan High School : Candela 3 Concert  Part One(Fukushima)
6/23   Candela 5 at Yamagata Geiko University Concert (Noh Stage,      Yamagata University of the Arts, Yamagata City)
6/27   Koriyama City Hotel Candela Concert  (Koriyama,  Fukushima)
6/28   Konan High School:  Candela 3 Concert Part Two (Yabuki,      Fukushima)
8/2 to 8/9  Karuizawa Summer Retreat (concerts, seminars)
8/24   Candela 5 Kiryu Yurin-Kan Jazz Series (Kiryu, Gunma)
8/25   Candela 5 Kiryu High School (Kiryu, Gunma) 
10/5   Candela 5 Solo Concert at Sweet Basil STB 139 (Fall World Music    Series) (Candela's big fall Tokyo Event!!)
10/19  Opening Ceremonies for National Senior Olympics (Azuma      Stadium,  Fukushima City)
11/8    Candela 5 Iwaki High School Culture Day Concert (Iwaki, Fukushima)

11/2002  Members individual  foreign tours: (Robert Belgrade: Australia; Bruce Huebner, Ireland, performing a new work for tape, instillation, soprano and shakuhachi by Irish composer Paul Hayes.)

Further Japan 2002 tours for Candela are under planning for Tochigi, Iwate, Yamagata, Shikoku and Kyushu.)

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