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Candela Jazz Ensemble

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Candela Jazz Ensemble

Candela is a Tokyo-based ensemble of long-time American residents of Japan. The band performs a fusion of styles grounded in jazz, but embracing Latin, Japanese, and other world music influences.


(left ot right)

Mark Tourian (double bass)
Jun Saito (drums, percussion)
Jonathan Katz (piano, french horn)
Bruce Huebner (shakuhachi, flute)
Robert Belgrade (percussion, sax, bass clarinet)

Debut CD

1. Mogami River Boat Song (trad., arr. Jonathan Katz, Bruce Huebner ) 5:53
2. The Number You Have Reached (Jonathan Katz ) 5:54
3. Othello (Mark Tourian, adaptation of bass solo from Verdi's opera Othello) 7:22
4. Kiryu (Jonathan Katz) 6:16
5. The Cattle Herder of Nambu (trad., arr. Jonathan Katz, Bruce Huebner) 8:22
6. Amado River (Bruce Huebner , Jonathan Katz) 5:52
7. Dreaming (Mark Tourian, Bruce Huebner) 9:25
8. Bovine Revenge (Jonathan Katz) 6:21
9. My Hometown (Teiichi Okano, arr. Jonathan Katz) :48

Total Time: 59:15

CD Journal "Recommended CDs"
by Masahiko Yuh  (Tokyo, April  2002)
(Review translated from Japanese)

With the exception of the drummer, all of this group's members are American musicians who are active in Japan. This in itself is quite unique, but the band has other distinguishing features, for instance, three of its members are outstanding multi-instrumentalists--shakuhachi player Bruce Huebner also plays flute and sax, pianist Jonathan Katz plays French horn and percussionist Robert Belgrade plays sax and bass clarinet. These four Americans (with Mark Tourian on Double Bass) who have lived a long time in Japan, have excellent command of Japanese, and above all share a love for Japanese culture, joined forces with Jun Saito, a Japanese drummer (who is proficient in English,) to form CANDELA. This is the debut CD of the group, which has been quietly making a name for itself over the past two years. Their  music is jazz based, but with an added entertaining Latin flavor that results in a rhythmic and colorful sound. Japanese folk songs and original compositions by the band's members shine amid sophisticated arrangements and energetic playing. The solos, in particular the unconstrained shakuhachi improvisations, leave one speechless with admiration. This reviewer feels that CANDELA has the  potential to reach an even higher degree of originality.

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