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A native of England, Ray Brooks, is a writer whose musical life has included composing, recording performing and teaching. He is internationally known in the world of shakuhachi, and has studied for many years with Japanese masters Akikazu Nakamura and Yokoyama Katsuya. He frequently performs solo concerts throughout Japan, North America and Europe.

While living in India, he learned circular breathing from Tibetan monks and practiced bansuri flute and tabla with Indian masters. An avid traveler, he has explored the globe extensively, trekked through large areas of the Himalayan range, including the highest valley in the world, and worked in the movie industry on location in China and Hong Kong. Ray continues to travel; he speaks and gives seminars, utilizing his own experiences and understanding of life and he remains on a path of direct experience and effortless living.

Presently, Ray divides his time between Malibu, California and Victoria, British Columbia where he lives with his wife Dianne.

BLOWING ZEN: Finding an Authentic Life

In Blowing Zen, the author's reflections on his remarkable adventures in Japan are filled with insight as well as inspiration. This is the story of a modern-day komuso ("wandering monk"), whose path to enlightenment is global in scope and whose drive to awaken is amplified only by the sound of the Zen bamboo flute, the shakuhachi.

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BlowingZen is available in a German-language edition.

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