Recht & Wetterwald Book Cover

Christine Recht & Max F. Wetterwald

This comprehensive edition offers the reader information on bamboos and their myriad uses worldwide. The initial section of this book discusses the role of bamboo in Asiatic art and culture as well as its cultivation and use in commerce and agriculture, as a food, a building material, for making implements of daily life, weapons and medicine. The distribution and importation of this resource to other areas of the world is also covered. These chapters are followed by a thorough horticultural overview of bamboos including an analysis of its morphology and structure, characteristics of genera and species used for cultivation in the garden. A wide variety of bamboos are described and detailed in terms of their unique growth characteristics. Additional chapters include information on garden design, growing bamboo in containers, use as a raw material, problems with cultivation and bamboo as a vegetable. An appendix to this book lists suppliers and botanical gardens worldwide, bamboo societies, journals and a bibliography. 100 beautiful photographs and drawings, 68 of which are in color. 128 pages. Hardcover. Published by Timber Press BK-5 

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