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Rest in Peace
Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin
(July 3, 1947 - May 29, 2017)

Founder  & Director of
Ki-Sui-An Shakuhachi Dojo

Memorial Service
July 9, 2017   3:00 PM

Tenor Cultural Institute
43A West 13th St., New York City

Japanese National TV Documentary

kaid, Japan

Makiko Tanifuji is flautist and Shakulute performer living in Hokkaido, Japan.

On June 1, 2017 NHK (Japanese National Television) will air a documentary film entitled

Sound of Hometown

 The movie is about Makiko-san's work with elementary school children teaching them to attune themselves to sounds of nature that can be heard in and around where they live. This project was inspired by an unlikely event that occurred near the school that the children attend. A bear that lived in the area began scavaging food from homes near the school was shot and killed by a hunter. This sad event inspired Makiko to help bring awareness as to how the local community could forge a better understanding of it could foster coexistence with nature.



Festival Concert CDs

Katsuya Yokoyama


Volumes 1 & 2

Japanese Language
Superimposed Subtitles
English, French, German & Spanish

Shakuhachi Honkyoku Instruction

Kaoru Kakizakai
director of the
Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan
(International Shakuhachi Training Center)
founded by the late Katsuya Yokoyama
will be in the USA offering private lessons.

Denver, CO
May 29-30 / June 5-7, 2017

Matheus Ferreira

Los Angeles, CA
June 8-11, 2017

Contact Bill Shozan Schultz

San Francisco, CA
June 12-15, 2017

Contact Karl Young


New CDs by Kaoru Kakizakai


New Playing Guides & Collections of Sheet Music
by Masayuki Koga

8th Annual
in Hokkaido, Japan
July 30, 2016 • Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido JAPAN

New CD

Shakuhachi Sumi-e Paintings

Yoshinobu Ryudo Taniguchi


New Sheet Music

Takashi Tokuyama
Shakuhachi Honkyoku Sheet Music

(In Kinko Ryu Notation)

Takashi Tokuyama is the founder of the Tokuyama Honkyoku Kai in Tokyo. He has traveled throughout Japan researching and transcribing honkyoku, some of which are rare and known only to a few surviving players.

Tokuyama has published many of the oldest known pieces of "original" shakuhachi music. His sheet music series comes in four sets which correspond to the degree of complexity and order in which the pieces are learned by students at his school.

All music is written in the Japanese cursive style and comes with an English translation of Tokuyama's notes on fingering, breath and chin technique.

4 Sets - 126 Handwritten Scores - 5 CDs
In Kinko Ryu Notation

YELLOW SERIES - Beginner Level
GREEN SERIES - Intermediate Level
RED SERIES - Advanced Level
GOLD SERIES - Master Level: "Initiation into the Secrets"

52 Newly Published Scores
GOLD SERIES - Master Level: "Initiation into the Secrets"

The Gold Series Master Level scores represent the most intricate and demanding honkyoku collected and arranged by Takashi Tokuyama-sensei. Hence, his belief that undertaking the study of this music initiates the player into the deepest secrets of shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku, revealed only in the process of mastering these pieces.



Japanese Traditional Performing Arts in the WWII Camps

This documentary film, using historical footage and interviews from artists who were interned to tell the story of how traditional Japanese cultural arts were maintained at a time when the War Relocation Authority (WRA) emphasized the importance of assimilation and Americanization.

This film will be the first major presentation of the existence of traditional music, dance and drama in the camps. It is possible only because Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto-Wong has been searching, researching and collecting for over 20 years information on who these artists were. She has collected interviews, oral and visual histories, as well as artifacts from the internees and relatives of internees, including teachers, students, the performers, and the incredible artists who made instruments, costumes, and the props needed for a full performance from scraps of wood, toothbrush handles, gunny sacks, paint, and whatever they could scrape up. Her own family's history with the camps led her to become a kotoist and teacher of the Japanese koto (13-stringed zither).

New CDs

2012 World Shakuhachi Festival

Kyoto, Japan

Festival Concert CDs


Educational Resources


New Sheet Music

Volume 3 added to

Katsuya Yokoyama

Practice, Techniques & Notation

Volume 1 • Volume 2 • Volume 3

22 Handwritten Scores
In Kinko Ryu Notation

3 CD Set
Performed by Yokoyama on a 1.8' Shakuhachi

24-page Playing Guide
Translated into English

Fingering Chart

New Sheet Music

Rando Fukuda / 福田 蘭童

Modern Compositions
inducing all of the pieces
on the DVD
Katsuya Yokoyama Plays Rando Fukuda

(Kinko-ryu & 5 Line Staff Notation)

New CDs

New Sankyoku CDs

Reiko Kimura

New CDs


TAKE TO IKI - Bamboo & Breath

In Memoriam

Hozan Yamamoto

Ningen Kokuho - Living National Treasure of Japan

Dan E. Mayers

President Emeritus of the International Shakuhachi Society

Tai Hei Shakuhachi Featured at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), Phoenix, AZ

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